Specializing in Catch Basins & Sewer Manholes

-Custom Built
-LA DOTD Certified
-Accommodate 2 to 72 Pipe (Metal, Plastic, Concrete)
-Tops built separate with LA DOTD Approved frame & grates or customer specifications.


Catch Basins

-Can build as All In One to include frame & grate
-Accommodates 2 to 24 Pipe (Plastic & Metal)
-Can provide stub out up to 24 ADS pipe eliminating grouting


2 X 2 - All In One

48 Manholes


Sewer Manholes

6 Parking Lot Bumpers


Parking Lot Bumpers

Concrete Products

Office: 337-291-2714

Morvant Precast Concrete Products, LLC

Catch basins can be manufactured with exposed rebar for top tie in constructed in the field.


Electrical Pull Boxes

Custom built according to customer specification.


Retaining Blocks

2 X 2 X 4 Blocks

Catch BasinsCatch BasinParking Lot Bumpers2 X 22 X 2Sewer ManholesElectrical Pull BoxRetaining BlocksRetaining Blocks
Louisiana DOTD Certified


Valve Ring Covers

24 Diameter

A-2000 Pipe

Sizes Available

4 - 36



Sizes Available

6 - 60



Reinforced Concrete Pipe

12 - 72